You May take attention to key points about Dock Leveler.

Dock leveler load and unload container

Dock leveler also named fixed dock leveler or Loading Leveler usually operated in fixed loading and unloading conditions. Modern factories and warehouses are mainly used in terminals, Logistics platforms, large logistics centers, transport centers, etc, such places equipped with hydraulic dock leveler, it can adjust the height difference between trucks and platforms. The trucks can smoothly transport goods into and out of cargos, greatly improving work efficiency and ensure safety.

Please pay more attention when installing a dock leveler:

1. Please read more carefully instruction before using this equipment. The instruction mainly introduces the main structure, fundamental principles, operating ways, safe note, care and maintenance, malfunction analysis, etc.

dock leveler pit


1.Inspect the pit and remove all loose trash and construction debris. Prepare the rear of the pit for the leveler mounting feet. Using a chisel, remove any high spots visible within 6″ of the rear wall below the rear curb angle. Verify that the pit matches the pit details for your leveler.


2. Visually check that all rear hinge pins, cotter pins, and kliprings are in place.
3. Visually check that the lip pin retainers are in place on both ends of the lip rod.
4. Visually check that both the lip maintenance bar and maintenance strut are undamaged and pins securely attached.
5. Visually check that the foot assemblies at the rear of the leveler are in place and undamaged.

dock leveler check


6. Pull the release chain, located at the rear of the ramp assembly, and allow the ramp to rise to its above dock position. The lip will extend automatically as the leveler raises.
7. Walk out onto the leveler, lowering it until the safety legs contact the safety leg rests on both sides of the frame. The lip should fall slowly.
8. After walking the dock leveler down, pull the release chain once more to raise the leveler to a slightly above dock position.
9. Walk the dock leveler down to its stored dock level position.
10. Check to ensure that the lip plate is supported in the lip keepers.

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