Electric Road Sweeper

Electric Road Sweeper is an integrated set cleaning sweeping water spray sweeping machine, suitable for municipal, commercial, industrial, and other areas, Professional solutions to leaves, sand, stones, chips, soft drinks bottles of various types of garbage.

★It can Clean small dust, iron, large stones, leaves, glass effectively.
★Use famous maintenance-free lead-acid battery no noise, without harmful gas ,and liquid leaking.
★With 3000w power drive assembly, more suitable for the slope environment.
★Super larger dustbin capacity, decrease The Times of rubbish and save working time.
★Heightening chassis design, can easily pass 9cm height of obstacles such as speed humps

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Cleaning widthMM1380
Working efficiency㎡ /h9500
Cleaning efficiency%97  
Operating motor powerW3000
Running speedKM/H8.5
Turn radiusmm1200
Main brush widthMM700
Side brush diameterMM550
Water tank capacityL34
Working timeH6
Weight(with battery)KG550
Climbing capacity%≤ 20
Battery  /3*12V/120AH
Voltage /Charger/36V/15A
Container QTY(20GP40HQ)PCS6/14
Packing sizeMM1850*1170*2015
Electric Floor Scrubber

Floor scrubber Especially suitable Large commercial, industrial zone cleaning requirements, according to people’s habits and improve the design of the driving style washing cars, new compact design flexible and easy to operate, faster, and more efficient.

Road sweeper

1. Large water tank capacity (140L)
2. High power rear drive axle motor to increase the climbing capacity
3. Stop suction delay, to stop dripping from leaking
4. Squeegee automatic lifting when stopping or reversing to ensure longer life.
5. The whole short-circuit intelligent protection, motor negative overload.
6. Squeegee automatically reset to achieve the most perfect water effects.
7. On-board charger design to ensure charging operation anywhere at any time.
8. Brush compressing function to ensure thorough cleaning.
9. Large capacity, deep cycle maintenance-free battery configuration, ensure long hours of work

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Dimension (L*H*W)mm1600*710*1300
Weight(with battery)KG370
Motor powerW2600
Running speedKM/H7.2
Cleaning widthmm860
Cleaning efficiencyM2/H5000
Driving motorW900
Brush motorW2*550
Battery PackV*AH4*6V/225AH
Battery working timeH>4.5
Sewage tank capacityL140
Packing dimensionmm1720*986*1420
Climbing capacity%≥30
Container Quantitypcs(20ft)6/(40ft)14
Floor Scrubber

Floor scrubber Especially suitable hotels, supermarkets, shopping malls, offices, airports, railway stations and factories workshops, warehouses.

1)The streamlined ergonomic design provides perfect operation effect.

2)Super large LCD touch working status of the machine at a glance.

3)Battery capacity of 145Ah, can work continuously for more than 4.5 hours.

4)Stainless steel anti-corrosion and hard to damaged.

5)Adjustable Brush power system easy operation.

6)Machine can be overturned, easy repaired and maintenance.

Floor scrubber in customer warehouse
Model DQX5
Cleaning widthmm510
Cleaning Efficiencym²/h2000
Weight (with battery)kg150
Motor powerW1000
Voltage V2*12V
Clean water tank capacityL55
Battery working time H4.5
Charging timeH8h/10h
Packing dimension mm1350*650*1250
Container QTY(20ft/40ft)pcs13pcs/52pcs