Home Elevator

The Home Elevator can be installed anywhere in the interior with a simple fixed point, and it is also applicable in the duplex building of a high rise building because no need pit design and not need higher top floor. For building Spaces where the top floor can be also customized.

ModelPlatform(mm)Lift Height(mm)Load capacity(kg)Dimension(mm)
WL-1.2  1,420×9001,2004001,430×1,500×2,050
WL-1.6  1,420×9001,6004001,430×1,500×2,450
WL-2.0  1,420×9002,0004001,430×1,500×2,850
WL-2.4  1,420×9002,4004001,430×1,500×3,250
WL-2.8  1,420×9002,8004001,430×1,500×3,650
WL-3.2  1,420×9003,2004001,430×1,500×4,050
WL-3.6  1,420×9003,6004001,430×1,500×4,450
WL1-4.0  1,420×9004,0004001,430×1,500×4,850
WL-4.4  1,420×9004,4004001,430×1,500×5,250
WL-4.8  1,420×9004,8004001,430×1,500×5,650
WL-5.2  1,420×9005,2004001,430×1,500×6,050
WL-5.6  1,420×9005,6004001,430×1,500×6,450
WL-6.0  1,420×9006,0004001,430×1,500×6,850