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How much does a hydraulic goods lift cost?

The cost of a hydraulic goods lift depends on numerous factors, including the travel height, load capacity, platform size, and other optional configurations to go with the lift. For this reason, the price can fall anywhere between USD2,000 to over USD25,0000. We can arrange a free, no-obligation survey to be carried out at the property in order to provide you with an accurate quotation.

Please follow us to explore how much does a hydraulic goods lift cost step by step.

STEP ONE——Lift Height
Travel height is decided by how far the platform needs to be lifted up. Not the whole lift, but the platform. Travel height can be varied from around 3 meters to 20 meters.

STEP TWO——Load Capacity
Load capacity means the biggest load capacity that you need. So far, we have made the biggest goods lift with capacity of 100 tonnes.

STEP THREE——-Platform Size
Platform size can be decided by two factors. One is the shaft size you have, or if you do not have a shaft, then it is decided by the goods dimension. Small ones or bigger ones are all acceptable according to our experience. Until this year, we have made many lifts with big platform size like 2m*8m, 3m*6m etc.

STEP FOUR——-Other Optional Configurations
Optional configurations mainly covers safety wire mesh (to be installed outside of the lift), cabin or doors to be added onto the platform, and special material requirements etc.

After knowing all of these requirements, the exact cost of a required lift will come out. Just get in touch with our friendly Benlift Customer Services team or Email: sales@benlift.com. The offer and 3D drawing will be offered in time. Also the installation suggestion would be offered.