How do know some faults of Road Sweeper

The Electric Road Sweeper will have some small faults after a long time of work. These faults will usually affect use of customers. How to solve these problems, the following tip will guide you   how to deal with the faults of the sweeper:electric road sweeper

1. The brush of the sweeper does not work. Check whether there is rope catched on the brush of the cleaner, and whether the mud on the brush. Please Clean the brush in time; if the brush pressure is too low, the motor will be unable to rotate. So pay attention to the condition of the brush in time when working.

 2. The sweeper does not spray water, check if the nozzle is blocked by dust or the water pipe is blocked by impurities, do unblock it in time. Also, check whether the solenoid valve is damaged, and replace it if damaged.

road sweeper 3. If there is any Poor dust collection effect. Check whether there is too much dust in the filter,. Please Clean the filter in time. Vibrate the dust at regular intervals during work. Dust outside the vibrating filter element. If there is a puddle on the road, do not turn on the fan to prevent water from entering the filter element.

 The above are the common faults of electric sweepers, and everyone should pay attention to them when working.

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