Hand Pallet Truck Fault Analysis And Solutions,to know more well how to maintenance it!

Hand pallet truck also named hydraulic manual truck, is a manual operation of the truck products, Compared to the low level of automatic operation technology, the manual pallet truck still has its unique irreplaceable advantages. First of all, the reasonable price, the useful of manual pallet truck Higher performance and lower cost. Then it is manual operation, the handling and transportation method more flexible. For manual pallet truck, some faults may appeared after used sometimes, We are here share some Fault Analysis and Solutions.

Pallet Truck Oil Pump

1. Oil pump failure. 

The oil pump is the key component of all manual pallet truck .The truck stopped working once pump have problem. And the oil pump is composed of many parts, which the most prone to problems are dust ring, O-seal, steel ball and other accessories. Once found that these parts have problems or damage during the use, the easiest solution is to replace these parts.

2. Cylinder failure: 

The cylinder Plays vital role in pallet truck lifting and lower down goods. So if the fork frame cannot Rise up or fall down, one of the reasons may be overload or partial load during cargo loading So that the piston rod and cylinder damaged. The second reason is rust due to long-term exposure of the piston rod. It may also be the adjusted nut and hexagonal nut are not in the correct position. We need to see if replace the piston rod or cylinder, or re-adjust the nut.

Pallet truck Seal Ring

3. Oil seal failure: 

the seal is key components piston rod and cylinder.Generally equipped with imported seal ring.Good sealing performance, wear-resistant, long service life. And 70% of the oil leakage in the oil cylinder occurs on the oil seal. If found cylinder oil leakage,check in time, such as seal aging and breakage, Choice high-quality seal ring.

pallet truck wheels

4. wheel failure:

Pallet Truck wheels is a kind of wear product. And the use of long-term handling goods will wear out. There are also many kinds wheel such as: nylon wheels, PU wheels, rubber wheels and so on. Most of pallet truck are equipped with nylon wheels,because the market is common and cheap.But wear is poor and there is a lot of noise during walk. Pallet Truck wheels must be changed in time.

5. lever frame failure:

lever frame is the key component between the oil pump and the Push Rod, due to the movement of goods. There may be overload,partial load and other phenomena will lead to the deformation or break of the lever frame.