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I met Benlift at the Canton Fair Guangzhou in 2016. At that time, we planned to build another factory which will use several kinds of lift platforms. The project started from 2018 We tried to talk with Alice, and finally She provided best solutions to save our budgets and the most efficient use our warehouse. what surprised us was that Benlift machine was very good quality , and so far it has been running stably. Sometimes the urgent parts we needed, they will express without any delay. I would like thanks Alice's kindness following-up.
When I was working with Benlift, We just started my import business. After cooperating with Benlift, Tony gave me lots of suggestions. What I most appreciated is the company's patience with customers. There was one container held in the customs due to document problem. This loss was too much for my young company. I was very worried and constantly accused Tony of not doing well, but Tony kept in touch with shipping forwarder and help to pick up the container from port before deadline. Benlift always emphasizes to deal with problems as soon as they can. After cooperate 3 years with Benlift my company is developing fast now. Thanks Tony and Benlift company.
David Smith
David Smith
BEAK Company CEO
I didn't have much contact with benlift company because good cooperate with my old supplier until the 125th Canton Fair, I went to the company production and inspect product quality. After comparison, we started cooperation. Although there are some problems in the consult. In generally, our cooperation is relatively pleasant.
JAX Company Owner